Hey everyone, my Airbnb has cancelled for my stay in Leipzig from the 26th-30th for the

Does anyone have any leads on anywhere to stay for an extremely poor hacker?

Boosts appreciated :_earth: :psyduck: :ancomheart: :_gayheart2:

If anyone has any space at theirs also hmu. I don't mind sharing a room.

Last year we had two folks from Austria stay at our Airbnb and it was fine.

@kawaiipunk np :) a friend may also be able to help, will try to connect them to you here

@kawaiipunk ah, sadly not to the latter; they're also full :(

good luck though. people will come through even if nothing sorts itself by the time you get there. i have a lot of friends who are locals going so hmu if you end up stuck and en route

@kawaiipunk there are some geeks camping outside of the Messe in camper vans. Would that be an option for you? It still costs money but not as much as a hotel and you still get provided showers and toilets.

@AzureKingfisher yeh totally. I just don't have a camper van! Is there any place I can ask if anyone has any space?

@catte @kawaiipunk

Hm, I don't know anything unfortunatly. Maybe the CCC could connect with Haus- und Wagenrat to ask house projects?

@pawlowa @catte I think most of the housing projects already have a bunch of people staying in them 😁

I have lost all contact with the house I stayed in when I visited a few years ago. May try and seek them out after congress πŸ’–

@kawaiipunk You find something ??? coooooool πŸ––

@cfriedt hopefully you can make it next year πŸ˜„

It gives me hope for the world

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