If you are interested in and helping with next gen tech.

project really needs your help testing the upcoming remote contact adding feature:

You need to have an Android phone and be confident side-loading APKs. Minimal technical skills needed otherwise.


If you moan about Signal and XMPP all the time (I am guilty) then we should be working towards something better.

More background:

@kawaiipunk This might actually make briar useful, since my changes of meeting contacts face-to-face are slim.

@bob yep the development has been quite slow but this was always the plan! It's very close.

I added all the devs at chaos congress then had some phone issues and lost that identity 😿

I actually really like the structure of having: private chats (one to one), private groups (only creator can add people), forums (any member can add anyone), blogs (feed of posts shared among all your contacts).

@kawaiipunk hmm, I wonder if I can compile and run this on my Chromebook now that it supports both Linux and Android apps natively...

@ben interesting! It might be possible.

It would be really easy to make native desktop apps of Briar as I understand it from the talk at ccc.

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