real talk:
climate change is serious, and we need to take serious, large-scale action to mitigate it.
when i say :bancars: #bancars , this is shorthand. but: don't be stressing about your personal issues, *like that guardian article says*, addressing climate change is about society-wide choices. and as a society, we have chosen cars to transport us. this is not about you, or your job, or your kids.
reliance on personal automobiles needs to stop at the society level. this is not about you.


@t54r4n1 they had a street festival in my neighborhood. The main road was closed for the day. It was amazing, I felt like I could breathe so much deeper and cleaner.

I would personally think it would be easy to replace cars with a system of trams, electric buses and bicycles.

There could also be free electric taxis for people who can't use public transport.

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