i really want to find some more child-friendly zines / articles / resources for teaching kids about antifascism, leftism, anarchism, and racism (specifically anti-Black racism)

if anyone has any suggestions, please link me! :boost_ok:

@jude_ I read Larry Gonick's "Cartoon History of the United States" when I was a kid and got a head start on learning about abolitionism and the labor movement. That might not be exactly what you're after, but perhaps it's adjacent.

@jude_ The Secret World of Terijian is a kid's story about the ELF:

Section 3 of Our Words is Our Weapon is full of Zapatista stories and folktales, some of which were written with children in mind:

The Zapatistas also released some first-grade textbooks about their governance structures:

There's also a list of anti-racist kids books here:

@jude_ is really great (at least the German version). It's not necessarily for kids, but has pretty easy language.

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