would really like people to move beyond "landlords are parasites because they contribute nothing" as rhetoric. "contributing nothing to" or "living off of" communities and people isn't inherently a bad thing, actively harming communities and people IS

@jude_ I usually forgo that argument when discussing landlords to more liberal folks.

@johnpierremaeli yeah, i've seen it thrown around, usually attached to catchy slogans abt fuck landlords and like. it's just not good rhetoric

@jude_ it's bad to say "living off nothing" because accessability, and you can even maybe make the argument that the function of a landlord, someone who maintains the property and allows for transient populations, is a good thing...whats bad is treating land as a capitalist tool and sacrificing people for profit


We have a social obligation to take care of those unable to take care of themselves. We have no such obligation to a landlord. Maybe you want to say they're only bad since they can evict you and render you homeless, but I think it's important not to lose that part of the wealth landlords and others who exploit others have could be distributed more equitably across society.

@zzz I agree with you. No, it's not just the eviction part, but the wealth as well. I'd just prefer that people were more aware of how easily they can fall into ableist rhetoric when criticizing landlords as a current institution.


Oh yea I fully agree about not being ableist and I definitely think we should be careful about throwing around phrases like "do nothing" and "parasite". It is after all the exploitation that we mainly oppose.

@jude_ Oh that's a very good point; landlords have unjustified power and monetize and necesity for survival should be enough to abolish their institution tbh

@jude_ Yeah, the second part is often glossed over, isn't it?

"Landlords contribute nothing to society when they really could be."

It's one thing to be unable to contribute in the first place. It's another to choose to take from a community *in place of* contributing.

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