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Decided to address my project backlog by serializing the work and reprioritizing based on interdependencies.

In other words the laser is next and only that until it’s done.

It’s been extra cold the last day or so and expected to continue for another day or two (projected low of -22F + high winds).

Getting a little cabin fever and feeling compelled to venture out just for the adventure.

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what you say: the art market is saturated!

what i hear: capitalism has utterly failed at satisfying the need of humans to self actualize

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some former IBM VP is moving into a director role here

the ruling class just rotates from corporation to corporation and they're all the fucking same

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she's very smug about how everything is going to change around here

she has said the word "culture" roughly three hundred and seventeen times

I dream about blood

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Huey P. Newton: The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.

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@freakazoid @jjg

I do this exercise any time I feel like I'm similarly stuck:

- List all of my current projects
- List what status they are in
- Make notes about them (an elevator pitch, a slightly longer description)

And then, as silly as this sounds, I read through the list and see what I would feel bad about not doing.

Anything that I want to do stays, anything I don't want to do goes on another list for me to re-consider at a later date.

I do it about once a month.

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@jjg idea debt!
IME, taking the time to plan is helpful.

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@jjg Triage your projects. What's essential and what can be shelved.

I'm getting seriously overwhelmed by my project backlog.

I'm not sure if I should just drop everything and start with a clean slate, or try to reorganize or what, but right now I'm just thrashing between things in wait states and not really getting anywhere...

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i really want a workstation-level Reform but i don’t know what chip to put in it

of ffs, the 5vdc fans are about 1/3 thicker than the 12vdc fans... 🤦

Studying "Unix philosophy" over the weekend and came to the realization that systems might be the ultimate embodiment of this philosophy...🤔

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@jjg @kurtm maybe (sadly) they do it because some companies aren't allowed to even buy them unless they're accessible? As in, they don't give a shit and that's why they don't do it in consumer-grade wares, because it's probably more expensive or whatever?

I bought a commercial microwave (because I got tired of replacing the consumer ones) and noticed that the buttons are more accessible.

I though this was pretty cool, but then I thought “why don’t all microwaves have this?”.

Tired: maybe I’m too old
Wired: maybe I’m old enough

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> The code isn't ready for public release.

unless you forgot to delete the .env file with your credit card info from the repo, the code is ready

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Godddd stop spreading the propaganda that entry-level retail workers are punished for other people's shoplifting. They aren't! I've worked retail for 4 years at 5 different places (Walgreens, Target - at 2 locations, Sam's, and 2 local places) and have never heard of this happening. Shrinkage is considered part of expenses, entry-level employees aren't expected to stop shoplifting (and are more often explicitly told not to), and this is definitely against company policy at any big chain

I'm sure it does happen under the table or at small businesses, but people talk about it like it's guaranteed every time you nick a drink. It's fucking not, and by saying this every single time someone talks about theft you're doing exactly what the capitalists - including the ones who enact this policy - want. They're holding workers hostage and you're giving in to their demands

Boosts appreciated

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