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"Revolutionary theory is now the enemy of all revolutionary ideology and knows it."

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introduction post 

I think I've made up my mind about leaving, but I'm not sure where to go yet.... any suggestions?

hot take (I'm blastin 'em like ropes) 

Leftists get a lot of stuff right, but ~damn~ do we still need to get a lot better 

society of the spectacle 

What I do know is that a lot of folks.. a lot... perform diversity and inclusion for the sake of appearing to be a progressive person.

But when it actually comes to incorporating the specific needs of people that do not match their chosen identity, how much of that do we see?

What I do see is a lot of effort being put into defending a version of diversity that makes whiteness comfortable, and not diversity itself.

Ha, and we're not supposed to notice because... feelings.

That's funny to me.

I know this is cheesy, but a good call-out should be recieved as an invitation to do better.

If your instinct is to get all defensive & shut shit down, you should probably be asking yourself if that person actually *has you pegged!*

shower thought: the employment market is designed to induce anxiety in job seekers so that they settle for less.

If job seekers were more confident in themselves and not rushing to get the first avaliable position there would be a lot more pressure on businesses to create more sustainable roles.

we should really start practicing vocalizing out experiences in the job market if nothing else so that we can take care of each other when we are feeling anxious and panicked.

"fave" this toot if you've read This Bridge Called My Back or Audre Lorde's Zami

boost even if you havent

(informal study)

πŸ…±οΈased πŸ…±οΈee πŸ…±οΈollectivism


capitalist economic theory: no one gives anything away without asking for something in return, and anything offered for free will be exploited by selfish people trying to profit from it

the anarchist free store in my town: please, come take more of our free stuff, we have too much. we're running out of space from all of these donations and don't know what to do

caliban and the witch 

Memorial Day takes that may be spicy if you’re a Nationalist 

for white/passing audiences 

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