Following Karen's lead and doing a thread on things I think about way too often

I think about how George W. Bush nearly died choking on a pretzel. Or at least that was the cover story. He had a really bad bruise for some reason. But why would you blame it on a pretzel unless the reality was somehow more embarrassing?

I think a lot about how Howard the Duck was the first Marvel movie. And how its failure caused Pixar to come to be. Like all of modern entertainment hinges on this movie where you see duck tits

I seldom see a small building in a rural area without thinking "funkylittleshack! Funky little shack!"

Morbid, death 


I am preoccupied with the fact that bees sometimes drink fermented nectar and become drunk. And furthermore that they can get kicked out of the hive for being too drunk. Bouncer bees exist.

I'm interested in George Washington Carver and his obsession with peanuts. Did he just put peanuts in everything, or is it in fact the case that peanuts make good rubber, house paint, insulation, etc.? Also why peanuts ? How did he land on peanuts



I think a lot about how the US lost a war to Canada

Shockingly lewd given the context 

I often think about Hank Azaria's face in the movie Heat when he's reacting to Al Pacino screaming "she's got a GREAT ASS" right into his face


I try not to but I often think about how creepy and upsetting a young child Clint Howard looks when he pops up at the end of that Star Trek episode

I think a lot about the pro wrestling debut of "the Shockmaster" and if you've never seen it, you should. I don't want to ruin it.

Morbid, death 

I think so much about the Hank Scorpio joke where he asks "you ever see anyone say goodbye to a shoe?" And Homer answers "yes."

I think so so so much of the Juicero. Does anyone else?

I think a lot about the ASL sign for snail because it's so fucking cute

@interneteh it’s one of the funniest things to ever come out of the perpetual silicon valley grift machine.

@interneteh oh my god I never stop thinking about the Juicero

@Pixley it's just amazing. Everything about it is incredible

@interneteh The funniest thing about the juicero was that it ended up being actually one of the most overbuilt consumer appliances ever created. like DIY'ers and garage mechanics and anyone who liked building shit were buying them up in the fire sale because the amount of exacting machining that went into making those things was easily 5 times what they were selling them for.

@interneteh Oh, no! Oh, dear... That is so cute! Awwww.... I didn’t know this one before, but I shall ponder its adorabubbleness for days. Thanks heaps!

@interneteh It’s just like a cute lil snail, and even goes forward a little bit very slowly. Awwwww... 🥺

@interneteh do you think Homer was referring to watching Hank throw the shoe just then, or a previous shoe-throwing event

@BestGirlGrace personally I think he's talking about a previous time. I like that because I think it's funnier. But the writer and the voice actor disagree, so who knows

@healyn @BestGirlGrace I like imagining what the previous time could have been. He remembers it so fondly

@healyn @interneteh The way he laughs and says "yes, once" implies he's remembering a funny story.

Though, knowing Homer, it's possible he's fondly remembering the thing that just happened

@healyn you got Put Your Butt There (long stare) that's on Third too

Shockingly lewd given the context 

Shockingly lewd given the context 

Shockingly lewd given the context 

Shockingly lewd given the context 

Shockingly lewd given the context 

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