@interneteh Have we not all been a screaming, partially-muscled skeleton at least once in our lives?

@interneteh @xenophora You gotta hand it to Coleman Francis β€” he had a singular talent for taking the most exciting, compelling premises and sucking the life out of them.

I always thought he directed "Starfighters" under an assumed name as it contains an exciting premise made horribly dull, with airplanes. Granted, booze and dexedrine are the leitmotif instead of coffee, but I attribute this to Francis wanting to "stretch" a bit.

@flugennock @interneteh

I think the *Starfighters* director also was responsible for *Trucker's Woman* and I can't believe I'm saying this: he got worse with age, which shouldn't have been possible. o_0

Also, I know the RT crew has a huge stable of writers and grinds these things out like sausage, but I can't believe that *Trucker's* had no *Starfighters* callbacks at all. (See also: *Deadly Prey* and *Space Mutiny* both involving the magic of David Winters.)

@xenophora @interneteh Actually, there's a chance that the RiffTrax crew didn't really recall who directed "Starfighters" and didnt make the connection.

Let's remember that the fans can be much more obsessive in that regard.

If "Hellcats" had aired on MST3K AFTER any of the Coleman Francis movies, there'd be callbacks galore, as "Hellcats" had Tony Cardoza in it.

@flugennock @interneteh

When I have my own riffing channel/empire, there'll be one flunky whose only job is to cross-reference all the bibliographies of all the perpetrators, much like Crow obsessing about the Van Pattens or Tom Poirot about Merrit Stone.

@xenophora @interneteh In a lot of cases, you just need to watch enough times to pick stuff up. It helps that I'd already seen a lot of those movies on the local "Creature Feature" in the '70s, so it was easier to spot "Hey, That Guy" in a movie.

Also, if you watch enough of that stuff enough times, you start to recognize stock music, which is also fun.

@xenophora @interneteh

Now that I think of it, "Hellcats" is quite *heavily* connected to the Francisverse. That Eric Tomlin guy β€” the guy who likes coffee β€” is in it, also.

@xenophora @interneteh

His name didn't jump out of the credits, but I'm also pretty sure that *another* dude who was in all three Coleman Francis movies was also in "Hellcats" β€” one of the bikers, I think; the one who gets busted and fingers the bad guys.

Hell, half the goddamn cast of "Skydivers" is in "Hellcats".

@xenophora @flugennock @interneteh

A thin plot, endlessly restated.

...did I say "flag on the Moon" yet...?

@interneteh not to be difficult (about a comic that came out years ago) but how could he scream if the skeleton seemingly doesn't have lungs or a throat?

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