Bill Gates: quietly spends a lot of money building himself a solid brand as a cuddly entrepreneur turned philanthropist who is using his money to enrich the world

Also Bill Gates: (seeing mild mannered Liz Warren and screeching) "If you even think about touching my wealth, I'm lining up behind the fascist!!"

Imagine reacting to milquetoast Liz Warren like that

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Bill Gates panicking about Elizabeth Warren is like Rod and Todd Flanders running scared from that moth

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You could probably win Warren over by naming the next edition of Windows after her dog

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@interneteh you know warren is gonna be the drone queen just so the ceo of raytheon doesn't feel bad on twitter

@bonzoesc giving her the benefit of the doubt that she's serious, I'm not interested in regulating things back to 1990 levels of inequality. I want everything taken back that was stolen.

Or he can vote for Andrew yang and be even more humanitarian

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