Few people know this... Y'don't gotta be vegan to eat vegan

@interneteh vegan foods are yummeh!

I'm not vegan but i do love a ton of the recipes :D

Confuses the heck out of many local shops when I order a vegan/meatless item and a non vegan item or topping.

Impossible burger with avocado, bacon and cheese.

Get a look like "...can you do that? Is that legal?" XD

@interneteh one time in high school a kid stopped eating ketchup cause he found out it’s vegetarian

@em @interneteh yes hello is this mr heinz???? i demand you find a place in your ketchup sauce recipe for animal products immediately!!!!!!!!!

@interneteh seriously, I eat meat, but seitan is good stuff!

I'm actually gonna try making my own this weekend.

@AndyDershon I figured out how to fry tofu properly and now it's all over for everyone

Obligatory cannibalism joke 

@interneteh well yeah, vegans are made of meat, so you can only eat a vegan if you're not one

@interneteh Impossible burgers are delicious. I'm not vegan but I'd take an impossible over all but the best beef burgers.

Also, vegetarians still exist. Eating a normally vegan meal but adding cheese or an egg is perfectly in keep with being vegetarian.

@NCL if I had a point, it's just to say that it's fine to be vegan-ish or vegetarian-ish. Eating less meat is good for a lot of reasons

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