The best genre of post is "oh, you say cops/CEOs/landlords/etc are bad, but what if I were to tell you that awful person is my father?"

Fuck your dad. We're all someone's kids. You think people making others lives miserable get a pass because they have kids? They don't.

I have kids. If I do horrible shit, I still expect to pay for it.

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@interneteh “my dad’s also a shitty person, join the club”

@alpine_thistle my dad was a well paid professional his whole career. He complained about taxes. Would he have changed lives with one of the people who worked for him? Hell no


Those people could learn a few things listening to the families of serial killers. Not a shitpost, I mean it.

Nazi, abusive father 

@interneteh My dad's an ex-marine and is kinda a nazi. Fuck my dad he sucks
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