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App-Empfehlung, Essen 

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer iOS-App, mit der ich Essen und dessen Zutaten tracken kann. Beispiel: Ich scanne Barcode des Produkts bzw wähle ein Selbstangelegtes aus und es wird geloggt inkl. der Zutaten, also »Schokoriegel« und »Besteht aus: Zucker, Zucker und Nüssen«. Die Daten müssen easy exportierbar sein. Ziel ist ein Allergietagebuch, bei dem die Daten dieser App einen Teil ausmachen. Weitere Daten wie Pollenflug werden dann extern aggregiert.


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#Hagen „Mögliche Gefährdungslage“ Schwerbewaffneter Polizeieinsatz an der Synagoge – Hundertschaft hat Gebetshaus umstellt

Was genau der Grund für den Polizeieinsatz an der Synagoge ist, ist bisher nicht bekannt.

Derzeit läuft der ##JomKippur – der höchste jüdische Feiertag.

Dieser wird traditionell vom 15. bis zum 16. September gefeiert. Ob sich feiernde Gäste in der #Synagoge in Hagen befinden, ist zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht bekannt.

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#YAMGBookClub It's nominations week!

What do you really want to read?

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Pausenlose Artillerieangriffe auf Nordsyrien 

Der türkische Staat führt mit seinen dschihadistischen Proxys ununterbrochen Artillerieangriffe auf zivile Siedlungsgebiete in Nordsyrien durch. In Dörfern bei Minbic sind innerhalb einer Woche über 200 Granaten eingeschlagen.


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9/11 thoughts 

the constant retraumatizing of people every year on the anniversary by replaying the worst footage also feels really disingenuous the longer it goes on. it smells an awful lot like trying to keep americans as patriotic & xenophobic as they were immediately following 9/11. gotta make sure everyone stays afraid of the scary brown terrorists.

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podcast recommendations :boost_requested: 

hey, i'm searching for podcasts recommendations for a friend to get them in touch with radical leftist ideas! the podcast shouldn't be too academic or alienate them and should cover health, disablity, veganism, class, queer and feminist politics (not all at once required)! interview-style podcasts or just two people having a conversation would work best for them. bonus points if it's available on itunes. either german/english.

Do y'all ever start watching or reading something with completely wrong expectations?

When I started watching AlRawabi School For Girls, I assumed it would be some lightharded drama to watch before going to bed.

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really tired of seeing constant headlines of "quirky" findings about how ancient women did most things men did AND THE ARTICLES DONT BOTHER TO GO ANY FARTHER.



THere was a Specific Time In Humanity when all the men were like "lets subjugate all women" AND THEN THEY DID AND HAVE AND ARE CONTINUING TO DO IT

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Companies: *literally dump tons upon tons of plastic waste in the ocean*

Also companies: how dare you use a plastic straw you asshole this is your fault.

Asking my mom to taste my smoothie to find out if its gone bad, just to have her tell me that she doesnt like smoothies anyway. Followed by her trying to explain to me how to find out, and me not understanding a word (How am i supposed to know if something "tastes good" without knowing if it still is good??)

since i put "into the crooked place" (the book) on my wishlist, ive had the "into the think of it"-song stuck in my head

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Build a blanket fort. Seriously. Oh, and do not bring your phone into it.

@'ing you bc i know youre also in the group im referencing

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Is anyone in (or would have interest in joining) a good matrix group for people?

I'm in a public one, and we've been getting some toxic ppl lately. So an invite-only one would be... good

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Hello! My name is Anna and I'm an artist from Poland inspired by beauty and magic hidden in everyday life and nature ✨

#introduction #MastoArt

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The witch studied the cards, then the person sitting opposite.
She sighed.
"You are here to shout 'No spoilers!' as-"
"No spoi... Damn! How did you know?"
"I can't tell you."
"Is it a mystic secret?"
"That would be a spoiler."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Okay #YAMGBookClub time for the poll!

Aristotle & Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz

To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

both suggested by @zephasaurus_hex


Cinderella is Dead - Kalynn Bayron

recommended by @ijyx via DM

Hope to hear from y'all soon. The poll's open for 7 days.

#YAFiction #Books

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Does anyone know any particular sources for basic Farsi and/or Pashto?

I'm starting to look at local refugee/immigrant support services and it would be handy to have a few basic phrases under my belt.

donations, taliban 

Anarchists in Iran and Afghanistan are collecting donations:

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