anyone know an instance specifically for people?

@ijyx i've seen one and got of course interested, but that one was so polluted with crypto/musk/tesla crossposter bots that i considered blocking it.

can't remember the domain name at the moment, but anyway not worth looking for. :(

@ijyx Hiya. I have thought about setting up such an instance; do you think it would be helpful?

@ijyx I know about Sol Garden (because I'm a cofounder lol), at least if a forum interests you rather than a fedi instance :) tho you could already on there because I have a horrible memory and really have no idea

@dirething yup, im there :)

but this isnt for me, its for someone on the autism subreddit who asked about mastodon

@ijyx I recently moved to disqordia after months of chatting to people looking for something like that, they're autistic friendly (though their main focus is gender diversity). I've not managed to track down instances with a specifically autistic community.
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