Signs of understimulation (Based on a tiktok by ndwellness, summarized for own reference)

1. Craving something but not knowing what it is, as if you "repeatedly open the fridge but you can't find anything that's satisfying"

2. Thought patterns that rapidly become more unrealistic and pessimistic

3. Physically stuck on the edge of your seat, fidgeting or moving from app to app on your phone

4. Worry about wasting time/ not doing what you're supposed to be doing

5. Impulsiveness

@kawaiipunk @ijyx
Does not surprise me... my personal pet theory is that ASD and ADHD are just the introvert and extrovert variants of the same neurological condition. Which would explain why I (ASD) easily get along with ADHD people.

@anathem @ijyx that's interesting!

Be careful with the introvert/extrovert distinction.

It was originally from Carl Jung but its pretty misapplied.

@anathem @ijyx in reality, studies found most people fit into neither category.

With current understanding, It's more just about the amount of dopamine receptors in the brain.

@anathem @ijyx but yeh I tend to get on super well with ASD folks :blobheartcat:

@anathem @ijyx but this could still fit into your theory!! I wonder if anyone has studied this.

@kawaiipunk @anathem
tbh i think its quite easily disproven by the fact that introverted ADHDers and extroverted autistics exist

but maybe im missing something?

@ijyx @kawaiipunk
Well, apparently I didn't use introvert/extrovert in the narrow definition you seem to be accustomed to... and I certainly didn't mean them to be any absolute. As with most shortened descriptions, I wanted to convey the general direction of my idea; to be expanded by the reader with all the fuzzy fringes of reality.

@kawaiipunk @anathem @ijyx Yeah this can't be that because we're /both/ autistic and ADHD. And really introverted!

Both ASD and ADHD? Diagnosed?
That does sound strange to me, cause here in germany, you either get an ASD or ADHD diagnosis, never both. They are mutually exclusive. (At least that's what I heard from someone who went to a psychologist to determine whether ASD or ADHD applies to them.)
@kawaiipunk @ijyx

@anathem @kawaiipunk @ijyx Not diagnosed for either, but diagnosis isn't the point. We /are/; whether we've gotten a piece of paper from a doctor /saying/ we are doesn't mean anything.

(Also we don't "have ASD", we are autistic - it's not a disorder.)

@anathem @IceWolf
- I'm diagnosed both
- The "ADHD and ASD can'tbe diagnosed together" was a rule in the now-outdated diagnostic manuals, and no longer applies.
- which also means people have always been both, even if the manuals used to say they can't. The manuals were wrong.

@ijyx omg this is me constantly *adds to list of autistic traits to bring up if I ever try to get a diagnosis*

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