I got Ubuntu on my USB stick as described in the tutorial on the ubuntu website

But when i try to boot it, i get this:

any ideas of what i should do?

I'm using a Lenovo Legion 5 17IMH05 on Windows 10 (64 bit, 16 GB RAM)

@ijyx if the usb stick definitely works (i.e. try in other computer if you can, just to test) then i seem to remember you can burn a CD with a menu to boot from USB. so you boot the CD which is just a platform to boot the USB stick. it's for when your laptop can't handle it by default. let me find my CD now hang on

@ijyx oop sorry i forgot about this

yeah my CD i have here is just called "boot from USB fake bios"

i think it's this thing

so *if* your issue is the BIOS doesn't support USB booting, put this in the CD drive and then boot from the CD drive, then use the menu that comes up to boot the USB drive


Thank you!
Is it possible that it shows me a USB option if it doesn't have one? Like, it lists USB as an option, but when I click it that thing ^^ happens

@ijyx you mean when you load plop on a CD? it's ages since i used it but my understanding is, if you have working USB ports and you boot plop, if you have a functioning imaged usb stick plop will be able to run the OS on the drive, like you're trying to achieve. i don't know how the menu will respond in every circumstance, i last used it about four years ago

@ijyx worth checking BIOS settings as well, imo. found this guide from a quick search that has a few options:

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