Just a friendly reminder that doing formatting using unicode characters like 𝑲 sucks total ass for screenreaders

[description: a video of a screenreader reading a tweet with lots of unicode "formatting"]

Also, most people have heard of screen readers, but another common way visually impaired users interact with computers is with braille displays. It's a device that mechanically pops up a set of nudges to form braille characters like ⠵. Here's a picture of one:


@amandag I don't see a picture and idk if it is because my internet is shitty, or if it's a clever way of showing people how annoying this would be if it didn't have a caption

@ijyx That must be a network or federation error somewhere, there's an image there. I can link you a imgur upload if that helps: i.imgur.com/EC7nNjp.png

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