@raye @epilanthanomai @return_0 @dirething @certifiedperson @alx Thanks everyone! I found and ordered one for 50€, I'll see how well it works

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@ijyx I bought a Hosukko brand weighted blanket online last year for my and I've loved it. Mine is glass-bead-filled and has been easy to wash and has held up great so far.

@ijyx I bought a blanket from this autistic crafter, and I'm very happy with it. etsy.com/shop/AutisticRabbit

@epilanthanomai @ijyx Can second this person, I spent no more on my first one from them as I would have from the only place in my country that made them, shipping from the other side of the planet included. Still very happy with the quality like 3 years later.

Only downside was as an extremely pressure under-sensitive autistic, I went for the reommended weight and it feels the same weight as a duvet. Still good to have, but not the squish I'd wanted.

@ijyx There are also some sewing tutorials online if you want to go diy!!!

@ijyx i was exactly going to ask this question today! After months of waiting, my partner and kid are finally gonna get ones

@ijyx The ones from Sensory Owl are well-made and priced fairly (though they're possibly not the cheapest). I'd recommend getting one with the dimple textured reverse, it's really pleasing.

@kellerfuchs @templewulf update: It's cheap but not particularly good. The weight keeps shifting

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