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To lubricate machinery like automotive parts or shop equipment refer to the service manual. For everything else:

Is it plastic? Apply silicone grease directly to the joint requiring lubrication.

Is it metal? Apply lithium grease directly to the joint requiring lubrication. Silicone grease is also okay for light duty applications.

Is it a high speed metal bearing? Apply high quality machine oil (e.g. sewing machine oil or turbine oil) to the cloth wick inside the bearing assembly.

Hier des gaz lacrymogènes ont été tirés le matin pour expulser des opposants à un projet de méga transformateur électrique dans le Sud de l'Aveyron.

Voilà comment notre gouvernement traite les militant•e•s opposés à l'éolien industriel #Amassada

📣Nous appelons à bloquer un point névralgique de #Paris dont le lieu sera connu le jour-même.
En parallèle diverses actions feront vivre le quartier autour du blocage.
Venez, participez, inventons ensemble des actions pour construire de nouveaux mondes 🤗


Si ça donne quelque chose, c'est qu'on a mis un pas dans le monde des bisounours :blobthinkingeyes:

#giletsjaunes #xr #XRFrance #italie2 #extinctionrebellion

@kingu_platypus_gidora However if at the time he had the same smartphone he would probably have done much more...

"We have a shared vision of change: to create a world that is fit for generations to come....We need a regenerative culture, creating one that is healthy, resilient and adaptable." 🌏 :xr:


[...] Au même moment à Hong Kong quand une personne se fait mutiler par la police, des milliers de personnes répondent immédiatement par des blocages massifs des infrastructures, comme les aéroports. Au même moment à Hong Kong quand une loi sécuritaire oblige les manifestants à manifester visage découvert, des dizaines de milliers de personnes manifestent visages masqués, dressent des barricades, attaquent la police."

Mainstream science lives with the illusion that spirituality has no place in the methodology. However both approach are seeking an understanding of the Unknowable Mystery.
Modern science is just too shy to declare that it has rediscovered ancient Truths that had been kept alive through religion over centuries.
Yes modern science says it too:
We are all ONE 🙏

“If they’re killing people for poetry, that means they honor and esteem it, they fear it, that means poetry is power.”

Osip Mandelstam, a Russian poet who died in a Soviet gulag..

Feels really odd to try to tell Indian people to not throw rubbish everywhere, especially when we have a dedicated landfill nearby.. When you do they just smile at you as if it was a ridiculous request... 😅 Step by step we shall get there... 🌏

You wanna talk nuance? Ok come on, let's talk nuance...

The CCP's "Great Green Wall" is just as ecologically unsound as American industrialized agriculture. It has been called out by Chinese ecologists for decades for being nothing but a huge monoculture that routinely dies. One year alone over a billion trees died, because they were planted in a way that was economically efficient rather than ecologically sound.

You'd think people would be talking about the other green wall. You know, the one that dozens of African nations all came together to make happen in a way that actually regenerated the land instead of sucking up all the ground water and dying en-masse thus releasing all the CO2 it had consumed back into the atmosphere.

But no. Instead we all get treated to parroted talking points from an authoritarian regime that uses ecology as an excuse to further encroach on its occupied territories. Because that's "nuance" apparently. Brilliant.


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