2 people are currently working on an federated alternative, called .
They need some open source to help them enable the federating function..

BOOST to help development...

@hyperlight Wow, just wow. What an amazing idea/project. That site is so freaking snappy! It looks like a not-sucking version of reddit! 😃

Let's hope some nice rust devs come around and start hacking away at this 🙏

Not on my side at least..
Please read more closely the initial post you will find your answer..

@hyperlight Thank you for sharing an interesting project.

Perhaps my Internet connection has a problem. Sadly I cannot read the initial post or whatever there.

Indeed it seems you are being blocked..
Use a proxy such as proton VPN which is free

Funny because I am also in Thailand at the moment and it isn't blocked for me..
Your government seems to be suspicious about you..

But it could also be other technological glitches.. Who knows.. Let's be open minded!

Simply stating it is opensource is one thing, Goals? Plans? Roadmap? Languages?
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