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I feel like an immune cell trying to tell my other cellular companions that we are under viral attack...

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Our current civilisation is ridiculously pathetic when you compare.. How fantastic was the life in those times! :blobaww:

The Consummation The Course of the Empire - Cole Thomas (1836)

I definitely see this as a form of Magical Realism.

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A heads up to #India folks, this is not bird app, this is open source so each of the different instances you are in, there is someone else working for you to get this experience. I see lot of you asking for features and moderators, it’s pretty entitled I feel, they are funded by donation so pls try to donate to different instances you are in: for the number of folks we have brought in even if each of us pay 100 rupees, it will make huge difference . I will get information where we can donate

#environment #animals

> The #Scottish #salmon #industry currently uses roughly the same quantity of wild-caught fish to feed its salmon as is purchased by the entire adult population of the #UK in one year

> “Salmon suffer when confined in vast numbers, with nothing to do but swim listlessly in circles. And yet, tens of billions of small #fish die in inhumane ways on huge industrial fishing vessels, in order to fuel the salmon kept in these underwater #factory #farms.”

Very cool #DIY idea to turn styrofoam into something biodegradable!

"My boyfriend wrote a paper on how superworms and mealworms can digest styrofoam into biodegradable waste at a fast rate. We expanded it into a project at school this year. This is a farm that I started a week ago. It's simple and low maintenance. Please try it out! [Details in the comments!]"

Activists are Terrorists according to Spain's Guardia Civil's letter to

"There is an ongoing investigation being carried out by the National High Court where the movement Tsunami Democratic has been confirmed as a criminal organization driving people to commit terrorist attacks. Tsunami Democratic's main goal is coordinating these riots and terrorist actions by using any possible mean.

Among them, they have developed an app that provides information about those riots and allows their users to communicate between themselves in order to coordinate those actions. This app has been uploaded in GitHub by the user....

Concerning this situation, and in compliance with the Law, we send this e-mail with a national court warrant attached in order to request both withholding the content and data related to the aforementioned investigation."

#cbs tech tabloid #cnet says "Github helps open-source programmers share"

No, #github is #proprietarysoftware of #microsoft that helps the NSA spy and Trump use racist policy to deplatform millions of people based on nationality

I don't think governments have yet realised that the more they crack down on the Truth the quicker the masses will realise how the whole system is rigged..
keep it real 🌏

You knew the entire "system" (I mean that colloquially) is rigged back when in 2008 the criminals were awarded with bailout (>our< money 'compensating them') for >their< crimes against >us<

"Think global; act global; eat local (the rich are tasty!).
Dividing XR into national chapters is a monumental mistake. The military-industrial beast is monolithic, global and tightly integrated. You cannot split up and fight it. Solidarity first, or else they’ll mop you up chapter by chapter. Fluidity across national borders is a good cover and an asset against state bullies."

"A Twelve-Step Program for XR"


The Hell logo I designed projected onto the Imperial War Museum by

#ExtinctionRebellion #EverybodyNow


An article of disinformation.. The guardian is not on our side.. The battle worldwide is clear.. The massive inequalities of life, the unnecessary misery suffered by most of the people in the world due to the lack of imagination of the 0.1% to create an ecotopia on Earth.. The solutions are well known...

If chloroplast or graphene based solar panels are cheaply manufactured it could be used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis for cheap and effective energy storage.

RESULTS: Clinical responses in 92% of the 119 cases with solid #tumours including a #reduction in circulating #tumour cells and in tumour size. No side-effects of any kind…
CONCLUSION: #CBD is a candidate for treating #breast #cancer and #glioma patients.

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