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I feel like an immune cell trying to tell my other cellular companions that we are under viral attack...

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Our current civilisation is ridiculously pathetic when you compare.. How fantastic was the life in those times! :blobaww:

The Consummation The Course of the Empire - Cole Thomas (1836)

I definitely see this as a form of Magical Realism.

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2 people are currently working on an federated alternative, called .
They need some open source to help them enable the federating function..

BOOST to help development...

I have switched my default search engine from #DuckDuckGo to #searX. It is pretty customizable, and its main feature is that you can add other search engines to search with, without giving those any of your personal data. #PrivacyMatters, after all.

The United States is a terrorist organization that believes in selfishness, competition, materialism and in destroying Nature at the cost of other people's happiness. 🐙

Electricity strikers in France light up poor homes this Christmas... Cut power and gas to bosses and police

"There is no “Christmas truce” for the workers of the Electricity Company of France (EDF) who are on strike. Workers are reconnecting service to poor families and lowering the price of tariffs to popular sectors, while cutting off power to police stations, management and large companies.

"Since the beginning of the strike on December 5, electricians and energy workers maintain power outages against Macron’s pension reform. A fighting method that exposes the strength of the workers and the strategic place they occupy, with the possibility of paralyzing government buildings and large companies with power outages."

Just done this little example for clarity on how to connect a PID controller to a SSR with an incandescent lamp bulb..

RT de Collectif Plein la Vue :


💪 Succès de la mobilisation citoyenne : le Métropole de Lyon renonce à l’installation des écrans vidéo publicitaires pour financer les Vélo’V électriques.

Le combat continue pour interdire définitivement ces écrans.


It is natural for people to loose faith in their governments, especially if they keep failing to their most obvious missions.
One’s sanity must emerge out of the insanity cycle from time to time…

Cette nuit, j'ai rêvé que je menais une révolution en France avec des membres communistes de l'armée de terre après avoir kidnappé Macron en Amérique du Sud 🤔

"In the event of a breakdown, the government would likely declare a state of emergency in an attempt to prevent total chaos. A review of actions taken by governments facing social collapse over the last few decades shows that their primary concern is preserving existing institutions and power structures, even when these are a chief contributing factor to the problem." Jacque Fresco -"The best that money can't buy"

Written in 2002.. and right on point! 🦄

"Formulating conclusions outside of one’s discipline could even be a violation of the scientific method."

From Jacque fresco's book:
The best that money can't buy.

I wish more people spent time genuinely listening than waiting their turn to talk.

allo - c'est pour un signalement - 864

#LBD en joug, bris de vitre, «On entend un des gendarmes dire qu'ils cherchent des cartouches LBD, mon frère l'interpelle puis...» Témoignages dans thread

Le Havre, #5decembre 2019 Sources:

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