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Your Amazon Echo is about to share your internet with your neighbors. Here's how to opt out

Sadness rant, I hate everything 

Ugh my university is asking me for Β£4.5k even though I thought this shit was solved back in March and that plus the constantly looking fear that I'll never get a job and I'll just be broke and then homeless after my parents stop supporting me is making me so anxious

Like I'm done with uni and I'm just waiting for feedback on my final project and to get my degree but then I'll be out of excuses to not be earning my keep and then what do I do? I don't think I'll be able to get a job, especially as a trans person in Romania and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Political bullshit 

Every once in a while I get into internet fights with tankies and I hate it so much, those fuckers are the reason the left will be forever marginalized πŸ™ƒ

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Get fedi hired 

Anybody a React native expert looking for a gig?

I sent this to an Apple fanboy friend and he said "omg I wish I could do this, fuck carrying anything other than my phone with me" and I fucking hate it here πŸ™ƒ

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there's no actual point to this comic, it's just a conversation i had with my parents circa 2000

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gender snark 

love how for trans people you need multiple studies to conclude "turns out the best way to find out what people want is to ask them what they want and listen to them telling you what they want"

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A right-wing account with like 10k followers QRT'd me on the birdsite, is there anything I can do to avoid being harassed for the rest of my life or should I just delete/private the account?

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Congrats to twitter for adding a paid model, one feature of which is just the delete and redraft button

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Begpost, money, boost pls 

Hello, I'm Roxie. I have had a pretty bad mental health moment in the past few weeks making it hard for me to work or search for jobs. I am struggling to pay my board and see my gf i think this month. I also pay for my hrt entirely out of pocket.

I don't live close to my gf and there is traveling and accommodation costs involved as well as paying a large amount of my earnings this month to my board.

If you have the means to help out that would be appreciated. It was my birthday a few days ago so u can consider it as a birthday thing too.

only want people to donate if they are able to and are doing well themselves first. That is important.


crypto stuff cause I have it even tho it fucking sucks it has benefits :/

BTC: bc1qgy9xmjfz9h9em96chw0fdjj6l2uxzpvvgfa5jq

Monero: 8A3pHVxaoPKCTTaZYyVF456mMit7wSMMsYeB2bgz5GHjaYCv4opWK8A6X7xKGYiheZ7tcmnkEMLxEekN7ng5bMGoErhSM8h

#transcrowdfund #mutualaid

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Oh shit I didn't see this yesterday, happy belated birthday!!!

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Platonic "I love you"s between friends should be more common, always such a good boost to hear.

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Also, this quote from an article about Gilbert Baker, original creator of the rainbow flag:

"'China produces more rainbow flags than anyone. My nightmare is there is a factory with nearly slave labor, forced to live within the factory complex and get up every morning and have to churn out more and more rainbow tchotchkes.' He says he didn’t create the rainbow flag in order for others to profit off of 'rainbow junk'.

He is horrified by some of the things he has seen. He says, 'Walking down Castro Street, I can’t pay my rent, but I see rainbow dildos in the shop windows and rainbow keychains, rainbow rings, rainbow candles and so on.' He said it is similar to when the best music ends up as elevator music. He is gratified that the power of the rainbow caught on as rings, but that power can be diluted by over-commercialization."

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shitpost, drugs 

@julialuna yea true 😬 I kinda have to take a hard stance on it because I know I am the kind of person who'd get sucked into it _hard_. And I don't want that to happen to any of my friends either

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