How do people have the energy to like, work a whole bunch of hours every day (I usually assume 8 cause that's what most people work I guess) and also do side projects and *also* manage to like, read books and play video games and stuff.

If I work like, one to three hours in a day I just feel completely drained for the rest of the day, and if I manage to work multiple days in a row and have responsibilities and stuff I just kinda... shut down.

Serious question. I want to know how people do this because I have no energy for anything but so many things I want to do.

@hazelnot There's a reason most of them drink so much coffee, and also usually end up with multiple medical conditions of the 'stress induced' or 'if you had taken the time to address this properly 2 years ago you'd be fine but you didn't so now it's a chronic condition' type.

(I lasted 20 months before my acid reflux was back at pre-ADHD diagnosis levels and my GP was actively refusing to do further investigation for my fatigue until I reduced my work hours. My workplace wouldn't let me do that, and then didn't renew my contract 🙃)

@dartigen Does this mean I'm fucked and forever doomed to be broke 🥲

@hazelnot @dartigen that docs or any other professional likes to see what you've tried. Those three things are prolly the stuff doc recommends anyway. If still tired, then meds can be prescribed.
Also it takes about 5 visits (as I've heard) and a test to get "certified". [2/]


@salakala @dartigen Not in Romania. Here there's no such thing as getting a certificate or a formal diagnosis. You go in, talk to a doctor, and they prescribe you something and just write the diagnosis directly on the prescription

@hazelnot @dartigen getting certified was more of a joke. Every time I need a prescription I need to call up or write to doc.

I did not even know I had ADD before I tried my friend's medication for recreational purposes out of curiosity. That might have explained some things I was complaining about to the doc.

My best bet is still to try out the 3 things (8h sleep daily, exercise & vitamins) and document the experience to have proof so to speak and then go to the doc.

@salakala @hazelnot This is true, and even if you have meds for ADHD, it's not a fix for everything. Even pretty minor nutritional deficiencies can have a big impact on symptoms.

Never hurts to get the usual suspects (iron, vitamin D, magnesium, immune activity, kidney function, etc) checked out just in case. (And if you have any family history or suspicion of absorption issues, pushing the doc to re-check after 1-2 weeks of consistently taking a supplement. There's usually options for people who have trouble absorbing some nutrients.)

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