How do people have the energy to like, work a whole bunch of hours every day (I usually assume 8 cause that's what most people work I guess) and also do side projects and *also* manage to like, read books and play video games and stuff.

If I work like, one to three hours in a day I just feel completely drained for the rest of the day, and if I manage to work multiple days in a row and have responsibilities and stuff I just kinda... shut down.

Serious question. I want to know how people do this because I have no energy for anything but so many things I want to do.

@hazelnot drugs, vitamins and a smol exercise in the morning gets me thru the day. Without the latter was sooper tired. Now also tired, but less.

@hazelnot just re-read what I wrote and today I haven't taken my drugs. Sorry, didn't mean to sound mysterious, it's physical exercise like warmup, some pushups and squats. Definitely not levitating.


@salakala Yeah, I figured that was the kind of exercise you meant, but I was wondering if you could be a bit more specific or give me some tips or something, cause I don't really do this kind of thing at all 😅

@hazelnot something that gets your blood moving. Either do along video or printed/written plan, whichever suits you best. Start small. Idea is to wake the body up. Warmup joints, cat-camel for spine and some muscle group exercises is what I do. I'm no expert (never done any sports, TBH) and currently in the process of solidifying it as a habit. Hopefully can reduce the belly I'm starting to grow :D
In hindsight, I'd move sleep to top of the list in supporting feeling okay-ish.

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