How do people have the energy to like, work a whole bunch of hours every day (I usually assume 8 cause that's what most people work I guess) and also do side projects and *also* manage to like, read books and play video games and stuff.

If I work like, one to three hours in a day I just feel completely drained for the rest of the day, and if I manage to work multiple days in a row and have responsibilities and stuff I just kinda... shut down.

Serious question. I want to know how people do this because I have no energy for anything but so many things I want to do.

@hazelnot I spent so many years trying to keep up with them, thinking I was just a failure as a person for not being able to. Wish I'd known sooner that I was judging myself against people who weren't facing the same hurdles.


@fuchsiashock It's not really just about keeping up with people, it's also about like, wanting to be able to do the stuff I really want to do while also not starving to death

@hazelnot Yeah. Wish I had an answer for how to do that.

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