What term best describes when software corps pull features from their free version and force you to pay for them? Especially the case where they take community contributions and put them behind a paywall? "Treehousing" evokes the idea of building a treehouse together but when youre down below, they pull up the ladder on you. "Gangplanking" is perhaps more self-describing ;) other ideas welcome! inspired by @dumpsterqueer and @handle


another suggestion:

drawbridging 🏰

πŸ‘‰ similar historical vibes to "enclosing", but more visual
πŸ‘‰ castles = feudalism/monarchism = bogus, outdated
πŸ‘‰ "the drawbridge was there all along?" 😱
πŸ‘‰ after they pull up the drawbridge there's a strong chance they're gonna fire arrows at you

"theft" & "paywalling" & "enclosure" all seem like good terms for specific situations, wouldn't underestimate having a humourous one too tho..

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