@strypey I get you, and your idea fits in nicely with the concept of 'exodus' that @KevinCarson1 has written about extensively. The problem I see is that most cooperativists (especially in fiercely capitalist countries) are unaware of their own impossibility of being truly cooperative honouring all 7 ideals and pursuing capitalist objectives at the same time. 9 out of 10 adopt the cooperative form, but functionally they behave like a typical corp in everything but name.

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@strypey Most actually existing cooperatives still behave under the logic of competition and the capitalist production mode by default. It's not enough to say "we're a cooperative, we're good people". We should rather ask "Is this org really fostering collaboration and helpibg to produce common wealth beyond itself?". If the answer is "Yes, but..." then that really means "No".

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@strypey Apart from Kevin"s work, I'd recommend taking a look at @Gin 's initial work (beyond labels and branding) on the ways that genuinely progressive organisations aware of the limitations of capital can tell who are compatible organisations to cooperate with. (And which aren't) Hopefully a first deliverable of many.

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"we're a cooperative, we're good people".
IMO it's not about 'values' - whatever they may be . . some kinda idealist arm-waving? Rather, actual relations of production, actual material articulation of forces of production? What joins up with what, in practice? Eg, are there commons being curated and stewarded, or just more consumers and workers seeking comfort? Is laying so much stress on 'values' one of the weakest things about coops?
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@mike_hales For someone like myself coming from a Free Software background at Groklaw and the Ruby community, and having been part of a few cooperatives, I feel confident in stating that cooperatives are lacking binding contracts like the GPL, and very few coops have the knowledge and inclination to bind themselves to such a common social contract (and other byproducts like friction reduction)
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@mike_hales In that particular sense, I think analogue coops have a long way to go before they can become nearly as effective as the Free Software movement has been in such a comparatively short time span. Of course, merging the Free Software ethos with cooperative economic production would be even better. The problem is few people really grok both camps. @strypey @KevinCarson1 @mayel @matslats

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