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Tips to help you choose the right apple tree(s)

After recently doing lots of online & print research into apple trees, because no one source had all the info I needed, I've collated the key basic info into one post.

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🎵 I am a plant 🌷 lover and I love to read
I'm sorry I'm thinking about plants 💚 again

I really love all plants 🌺
Just want every plant 🌻 🎵

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So many of us are so hard on ourselves about not doing enough to make the world a better place.

Seeing these kind of conversations in my timeline, I've suddenly just recalled something Jocelyn, a 90+ year old suffragette, said to me a few years ago:
You are no good to the revolution if you don't look after yourself first.

She is so right. And under capitalism, self-care is truly one of the most radical acts you can take.

Look after yourselves.

What do you look for in a how-to/reference #book #review? Specifically I'm trying to dial in the #gardening book #reviews I do for the podcast.

UK HRT shortages 

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Last year, when we said goodbye our 15-year-old cat, I swore I wasn't going to have another pet ... then this young man literally walked in off the street and made himself at home.

He has a bell on his collar but it only rings when he chooses. He can move silently through the house, then his bell will give a little ring when he's ready. You turn around and there he is looking at you.

He has issues. He's seen some shit, but that doesn't matter. He is a Good Boy. His name is Meech.


So a right-wing coup was pulled off in Bolivia and hardly anyone is covering it here in the United States because... reasons?

fucking mad at the westerners cheering on the coup in Bolivia. the BBC and other outlets are saying he resigned due to protests, that's fucking bullshit. he said there would be a second election with UN onlookers to ensure it's not fixed, and the fucking millitary came in and forced him to resign. that's a textbook coup

Morales was the first EVER indigenous leader of Bolivia and had taken power away from the rich to uplift the native people for ONCE in 500 years of colonial history. he won the election fair and square and even said sure let's do a re-vote with outside observers. this is a reactionary coup to end a reform program that helped the poor and the indigenous, this was not some 'will of the people' toppling of a tyrant like the western media is saying

On leftist propaganda and organizing via social networks 

So, I guess it's time for me to request that people please CW Christmas stuff, because as a retail/service industry worker, seeing posts about that compounds existing stress in my life and kinda makes me not want to be here.

I'm not a "Grinch" or a "Scrooge" I'm just stressed the fuck out around this time of year and it'd be nice if folks would respect that. Thank you.

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If larger country oppresses a smaller country,I’ll stand with smaller country

If smaller country has Majoritarian Religion which oppresses minority religions,I’ll stand with Minority religion

If minority religion has caste & one caste oppresses another caste,I’ll stand with caste being oppressed

In oppressed caste if an employer oppresses his employee,I’ll stand with employee

If employee goes Home & oppresses his wife,I’ll stand with that woman

Overall oppression is my enemy

SBC meta 

Dear new WOC on the fediverse. You will not be protected from harassment on here unless you're a part of an instance that actively centers the protection of its users.

2, there's plenty of us on here that been around for a while and have been combating this for a time. We're here if you want to chat and our TL has plenty of receipts and is an archive on combating the whiteness of misogyny directed at women and femmes of Color.

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Hello, I'm Saumya. I am an aspiring feminist historian interested in the colonial prison regime in India. My background is in gender & human rights research & advocacy. I'm trying to develop a network for critical thinking around detention & solidarity w/ those working on detention (@detsolnet on the birdsite).

Other than my nerd-qualifications, I <3 fiction, coffee, wine & my sense of humour has been described as dry af.

"In the next few days and weeks you’ll see issues with Royal Mail in the news. You’ll see the union are preparing for a strike. You’ll see the news try and put the union in a bad light and make them out to be the bad guys. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve had an agreement in place for over a year and all we are asking for, is for this agreement to be honoured. Instead the CEO is trying to bleed the company dry and destroy our service, and we are simply trying to protect it.
Many postal staff wake up at 4am every day, working in all weather conditions facing all sorts of hazards with a busy workload that dictates what time we get home to our families, all to provide you with the service you deserve.
We may strike for a day, we may strike for two but compared to what would happen if we didn’t it’s minimal disruption. Don’t fall for the media lies... (1/2)

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