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liquid plant feed. We have chopped up the leaves & branches from the plant & have placed them in this old bokashi bin. A heavy rock is on top to hold the foliage down, then I added water until it was just covering the plant material.

The lid is now on the bin and in 3-6 weeks I'll have my homemade liquid plant feed. A couple of notes:

1. Make sure you use kitchen gloves from now on when handling the liquid. Comfrey liquid stinks & if you get it on your hands/skin it will take ages to wash off. Honestly, don't get it on your skin.
2. For using on plants, it's quite concentrated, so use 15 parts water to 1 part comfrey.
3. Comfrey contains N & K, that is, nitrogen and potassium (potash). Because it has very deep roots, it also contains trace minerals.
4. You can also use the leaves as a mulch
5. The cultivar I grow is Symphytum 'Bocking 14', which doesn't self-seed everywhere.
6. Useful article on history, uses, benefits

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Tips to help you choose the right apple tree(s)

After recently doing lots of online & print research into apple trees, because no one source had all the info I needed, I've collated the key basic info into one post.

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🎵 I am a plant 🌷 lover and I love to read
I'm sorry I'm thinking about plants 💚 again

I really love all plants 🌺
Just want every plant 🌻 🎵

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So many of us are so hard on ourselves about not doing enough to make the world a better place.

Seeing these kind of conversations in my timeline, I've suddenly just recalled something Jocelyn, a 90+ year old suffragette, said to me a few years ago:
You are no good to the revolution if you don't look after yourself first.

She is so right. And under capitalism, self-care is truly one of the most radical acts you can take.

Look after yourselves.

Types of wetlands 

⚠️ SBC meta ⚠️ 

Reminder about ableist slurs 

I find it truly disappointing I was able to write about a half-dozen essays about the Fediverse culture when I first got here and been able to pretty much just reshare them as new events occur.

This one addresses why people who desperately want off Twitter, don't want to be here.

You know what I'm talking about.

You talk to your racist grandma, and you just awkwardly smile and nod, because you know it's WORTHLESS to talk to her about why she can't call POC the "coloreds" anymore.

But you tell your friend on here, "Hey, comrade, that was in bad taste"

Why? Because you know your friend will listen.

That's what we are trying to do with you.

it's a sign of respect, not of hatred. Please stop acting like we hate you.

Important thing for all who can see this.

If someone confronts you on your racism or sexism... that means that they like you enough and trust you enough to hear and listen.

If they didn't think you were redeemable, if they didn't think you were worth it, they would roll their eyes and just avoid you. Block on sight, shut down in conversation.

If we confront you about it, no matter how bruskly it may seem. It means that we legitimately think you are better.

PSA: playing ABBA Arrival is not conducive to slowing down and getting ready for bed.

MLK Day Savings! 20% off all White Flights✈️ from Mastodon to Twitter 😌 Enjoy the scenic hell site and bask in the glow of never having to examine your whiteness critically. If a brown getting uppity at you for NO REASON AT ALL 😉 Just report them and relax🍹 , knowing that Jack "Nazis Are Good For Business" Dorsey will whisk them away for you. Ahhh, now this is civility 🏝️

Just from an ethical standpoint, I am the descendant of black folks kidnapped and forced into slavery and deprived of economic opportunity in all the time afterwards. It is morally corrupt that I owe the US government $50,000 in student loans in an effort to combat that.

Ok, this is a bit of a mouthful…

Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna 'Purple Stem'

Also known as Christmas Box. It's one of those plants you barely notice through the year, until mid winter, then suddenly you’re walking along & bam, the strong, sweet, fragrance hits you. It’s an evergreen, and I have some next to both my front and back doors, so they can be regularly enjoyed as we are going about our day.

As a bonus, the Botanical Gardens hold the national collection of Sarcococca and wow, do the gardens smell good at this time of year.

I just got confirmation from my home state that I am indeed registered to vote. There's a new law that says that Americans living overseas need to re-up their registration every calendar year. If you want to vote in the primaries, do this ASAP, as it took a few weeks for my confirmation to arrive.

See for more information.

actinophyllus- means with radiating leaves. Can you find a plant or word that is similar?

Transphobia, State Violence Against Minors 

The Revolutionary Communist Group, in Britain. Are they good? Bad? What baggage are they carrying? Hit me up with what you think of them.

(Please boost as appropriate)

#RevolutionaryCommunistGroup #Communist #Communism

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