I muted a bunch of words on birdsite for a month (my first time using the mute function) because I'm so sick of hearing about one specific thing, but I didn't realise the default setting is for the words to still show up if they're used by someone you follow.

So I'm still seeing almost nothing else in my timeline. I know I can go in and adjust the settings again, but I think I probably just need a break from birdsite.

To be honest, I think half of birdsite needs a break from birdsite.


@griffinkate that’s odd? I don’t see posts from people I follow there, if they use a word that I’ve muted



@whakkee It looks like the default setting is to only mute those words/phrases from people you don't follow, but you can adjust it to include people you follow. I decided to just log out for a bit!

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