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Corylus avellana contorta seems to be ailing. There are new buds on it but the leaves are droopy. I think it's getting plenty of water and it's had new soil recently. Any ideas?

Plant pictures 

After listening to people on here and reading up on it, I'm coming to the conclusion that the droopiness is the plant's normal habit but the brownness is a sign of blight, probably something called Eastern Filbert Blight.

So I'm going to trim off all the brown bits and spray it with a solution of bicarb.

Apparently many gardeners place summer plants in front of this tree precisely because it looks ugly and ailing in the summer. Then when the plants die back in winter it gets a chance to shine with its catkins and amazing bare branches.

I'm thinking verbena bonariensis would be a good choice to go in front of it!


Update on my avellana plant: I trimmed off the brown bits and sprayed the leaves with bicarb solution. I also stopped watering it so much because I thought I might have been overwatering. It's now looking a lot healthier and there's new growth on it.

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