That tweet about the guy who photographs branded rubbish and tags the companies on social media is getting a surprising amount of criticism in my TL.

Apparently the buyers of takeaway coffees are all-powerful and must just be CHOOSING to have a plastic, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable cup for every drink. They're also choosing to have no recycling facilities for their used cups.

And it's also their fault for littering...because if you throw an item in the designated bin it just disappears from the Earth forever, problem solved!

But the huge food outlets who buy the plastic cups in the first place are blameless because they don't make them, they just buy them! So we should go after the manufacturers!

But also we should just do nothing, because "everybody" already knows about plastic waste and the problem hasn't been solved already, therefore any attempt to make anyone take any responsibility is useless.

Wow. Just wow.

@griffinkate this should get boosted back to the source...or whatever. The people participating in this discussion should see these words is my point.

@teslas_moustache There are already people engaging with these points in a less sarcastic way! I have engaged myself a bit.

@griffinkate one of my favorite lines is "This is not an Ayn Rand novel. Not everything is a fucking choice."

@spacekookie Yep!

I think the logic was: "People already know about this problem and it hasn't been solved, therefore it is unsolvable, so stand down, everybody!"

And...y'know. Nope.

@Absolutely_Blakely Yeah. This guy is spending his free time trying to hold companies to account for their choices and other people are spending their free time defending the status quo. Do they think Starbucks/Subway/McDonalds are powerless and need an advocate?

@Absolutely_Blakely @griffinkate


Fuckin, I grew up thinking the "console wars" were a serious and real thing, and that if I didn't religiously buy nintendo games, Nintendo would crumble into the sea.

@griffinkate Wow indeed. I thought it was a good idea. I also mentioned it to a likeminded family member, who was keen to do it.

@squire That's good news. I thought it was a great idea too.

@griffinkate this is frustrating criticism to read in light of this article about US cities incinerating instead of recycling because they can't dump their plastic to another country.

@boisdevache Yeah. I couldn't believe it tbh. The sheer energy people will put into defending the status quo and trying to persuade others that any attempt at change is misguided/pointless. PUT YOUR ENERGY INTO ACTUALLY DOING STUFF!

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