not to be conspiracist on main but i'd never wanna go into infosec given the history of the gov house arresting people etc for doing their jobs like the Thot of not being allowed near tech ever again because of the "risk" makes my eyes twitch i can't do it

@anotheradventure it usually doesn't make the news but yeah a lot of people involved in cybersec have jail records. hacking is illegal so it pretty much is just up to the gov whether they look the other way or decide to arrest you. here's an example, and this guy only got released bc a bunch of people in cybersec raised money for his bail and protested

@gold but what he did was straight-up hacking, tho. Maybe I'm confused, but I don't know what that has to do with info security

@anotheradventure well yeah like a large portion of sec field is just hacking adjacent activities. white hat or not you're in the grey area of the law and it's pretty much up to the whims of the gov whether you get jailed for it or not

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