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wasn’t impressed with what I saw at the gender store today

*sighs & shakes up bottle of estrogen*

gonna hafta DIY my own~~


everything in the universe is in the public domain

If your work is not helping the world, sabotage. Smash the gears that grind us.

[BOT POST] subtooting an entire ideology 

you, a feudalist: b-but what about private property?
me, genius follower of communism: wage theft.

:antifa: Today: Solidarity with migrants and antifa in Greece. :ancomheart:

Meet 6pm outside the Holland Park tube station. The demo will march to the Greek embassy. Bring a a mask, or one will be provided. :black_bloc_blob:

As part of the today we went to the London Stock Exchange to shut down their profiteering from the climate crisis

Footage of excessive police violence during GAF protest 

The police exist to defend the rich and their property.

As anti-capitalists we know this, but it is rarely shown like it was at the Rally Against Capital where we saw the police line up to defend the London Stock Exchange and the bankers inside who looked on from above.

We saw police use huge and unreasonable force against activists as seen above, using their knees to restrict the airways of protesters.

The police will never stop defending the state and the rich so we will never stop fighting back and defending ourselves and others

📢 People of London 📢 Racist Italian Lega leader Matteo Salvini has announced that he will address his supporters in our city. Let's show up and show him the door. Meet at Piccadilly Circus tomorrow at 18:30

US pol 

I got my sticker. I drove several other people to the polls and made sure they knew what they were doing and what they needed. But since that's not enough, I'm going to implore those of you in Big Tuesday states to please, for the love of God, vote. Even if you feel like it's not a meaningful choice, vote like my life depends on it, because it does.

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