Today, I’ve gathered together my pro writing websites, my etsy shop for bargeware, my cover-art portfolio, and a blog on which I’ve barely posted, and smooshed them together into Galadhir’s home on the internet.

I’m fully aware that nobody will ever find this site or blog, but that doesn’t matter much. In fact it may be a bonus. It’s my site, after all, and I can do what I like with it – mix genres as much as I want. Talk about movies seen, books read, morris dances danced, fanfiction written and enjoyed, gardening and permaculture triumphs and cooking experiments with no concern about branding or consistency.

Going backwards to a simpler and less frantic past seems to be a theme of the new world I’m living in – trying to travel less, buy less, reduce, reuse, recycle etc. We are busy drawing down, de-growing, or whatever the phrase is, and going back to tending my own website feels like a step in a similar direction.

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