I'm thinking I let it rest for a few weeks to let the soil get some air. Meanwhile I source some plants. Anyone know where to get some useful, shade loving, preferably native plants that don't cost the earth?

@galadhir Are you looking for shrubs, flowers, vegetables, berries, herbs? Mint, chives, and lemon balm do ok in deep shade and are pretty cheap / easy to find.

@ziggurat All of the above? Anything that is useful - edible, drinkable in tea or medicinal, or a dye plant, or even a source of basket making materials is good. But yes, mint, chives and lemon balm all sound good! Thank you :)

medicinal applications *not a doctor* 

@galadhir which USDA climate zone (winter harshness), how dry, and particular hours direct sun? I'll second mint family, I have many with variable shade enthusiasm. Zone 6b. see photo descriptions. I use Monarda tincture spray for hand sanitizer. I want pennyroyal (non-native) on every street corner in US, applications as a pest repellent and as an emmenagogue abortifacient (tea effective applied as a douche, ingestion is more toxic) *hazard*

medicinal applications *not a doctor* 

@brettleeper Ooh, thank you. I'm in the UK, so I don't think the USDA applies to me, but our winters are not terribly harsh. Some frost, some snow, but the snow rarely lays. It gets only about two hours of sun, maybe two and a half.

Pennyroyal actually is native here, so I'll put that on the list. Repelling gnats and mosquitos sounds very useful, and it's a lovely plant. Thanks!

medicinal applications *not a doctor* 

@galadhir I've not used pennyroyal for pest control outside of the essential oil form emulsed in a spray (EO being the one you're not supposed to use internally in the medicinal scenario) but there are probably home preparations that could be useful.

medicinal applications *not a doctor* 

@brettleeper Yeah, we do a lot of camping, which means being out in the evening and getting swarmed by gnats. I know I could make a salve, or just take it in dried form and see if a tea of it would work.

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