BDFL is the Windows XP of Project Governance.

The DOS of Project Governance.

The Geocentrism of Project Governance.

The rsh Of Project Governance.

- outdated, yet still widely used in many important places
- has huge, well-known issues
- used because it was the default, many people have no idea there are even alternatives
- can technically be run well but you know what you're doing and it's really easy to screw up
- [should be] widely hated

@gaditb (also i know this is only tangential, but mastodon isn't really bdfl and it has good reasons for being the thing it is)

@nightpool Yeah I was thinking like in general.

This was specifically posted after seeing a thing about "Use Stylus, the fork, 'cause Stylish got owner-transferred and had tracking added" and thinking about the whole "I'll maintain it for you just trust me" issue with many browser addons.

@gaditb that's not an open source community management problem, that's a problem with the chrome addon store.

(there are several structural flaws in the chrome addon store that make this sort of thing more likely)

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