I got banned from Twitter for a week for saying rapists and the people who pardon rapists should die.

Trump supporter, n-word 

Ummhmm... I'm taking a bat to a Trump supporter's head, and maybe it will make it smarter.

I told my housemate the heater is off even though it should be on. The reply from the house mate, via text message was "the heater is on in the house is warm". if God only looks after children and fools and there is no God who is looking after these people?

My housemates were about to let the house get down into the 50s F. I will never complain about capitalism again, if I can find where to buy these people a clue!!!

I actually like this one with "godspeed" on it, but I couldn't find that one. I also liked it blank. And in widescreen.

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I'm going to be unnecessarily sentimental and say that I really like this one because the person in it reminds me of my biological paternal grandmother. she had her issues just like everyone else, but I liked her, for the most part.

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Housemate Rant, potential danger, food storage safety 

I can't tell you how much this pisses me off. I don't know how or why I fully functioning human adult with think this is okay. I know there's no such thing as common sense, but how about being able to identify potential danger or when you're putting someone else in potential danger. One of my housemates thought this was appropriate to store in a shared refrigerator.

my housemates have other annoying tendencies, some of which more tolerable than others. But this is wildly inappropriate. I would trust a teenager to not do something like this, but I can't trust an adult to not do it. Honestly, even if the teenager to do this it would be more acceptable because that person has less life experience.

it isn't a matter of how a person was raised, or what they think they can get away with because they're an adult. Is it a matter of people thinking that other people should just have to deal with their issues?

US Pl, Volunteer 

I get a lot of weird one's but nothing beats death!

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