FINALLY! these are the pics of my bandaid (it's venom bc he's a cutie) and my day 1 of hrt selfie :'3

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art explaining 

i like drawing fun backgrounds. most of the time i don't end up using them for anything past their creation.

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art explaining 

this is lil boy, freak shack, and their pals. i was having a breakdown and just wanted to draw something fun from the shadows.

(june 2018 ish)

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art explaining 

this is one of my favorite images ever. it's pretty simple, but it's a hazy drawing of a candid picture of my grandma, dad, and brother from outside our kitchen window. i was taking out the trash and saw them joking about something.

(late 2018 era)

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he is only becoming more relaxed. soon he will be like warm jello, melting around me.

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sammy and i's self insert pokemon au drawings. in this, we moved from alola when we were about 6 & 8. we grew up as friends of piers.

i became an electric type gym leader, and he was the fairy type gym leader for a while before stepping down and reinstating opal.

trying to get myself to post a coming out post on facebook is DIFFICULT. ive written a teary eyed version, a defensive version, and this short and not that sweet version.

lewd adjacent reference and jokes 

uhhh nope, i really don't think i want to put anything inside my body from wish, JUST SAYING!

found this in my grandmother's bathroom cabinet and like. this is definitely a lesbian couple... they both got eyelashes, the heterosexual sign for Womanβ„’


made a broccoli, onion, bacon, and cheddar frittata last night. it was a hit! id make this again in a heartbeat!

so like. been wrapping thread around bobbins while listening to chuggaa's b&w playthrough again. it's been vaguely relaxing.

a meme, made in part by miss piglet WIGlet, and by the peach app scrunching her body back in 2017 🀠

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