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@flo @EarthStrikeInt just speaking for my nearest group again, the local population is >98% white according to the census, so the couple of non-white people there are statistically over represented in that group (obviously not saying that’s a bad thing). We do have about 10% immigrant population, which I think was about equal to that of the group. A lot of groups travelled down to London from places not as diverse, so contrasted with the local London population it does look very white.

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@flo @EarthStrikeInt @ExtinctionR of the 50ish people in my local group, only like 3 are under 45 (not entirely sure who was arrested and who wasn’t at this point, but pretty much only the retirees were arrestables for us)

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Please please please don't read my toots and decide not to take action.

Act. Join a local org like or join some friends.

I've already said this in the pinned post, but I really don't want this message to get lost.

I'm not saying do nothing, I'm saying do something. Please do something.

All love. <3

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Yeah and records that, even if officially stricken, will realistically come back to significantly worsen "punishments" for future "crimes" they are sentenced for.

And when I referred to activist burnout, I was implying that we can't excuse the existence of ineffective large-scale movements under the guise of "diversity of tactics."

I respect a diversity of tactics, but we still need to call out movements when they're being bad, because there's finite resources.

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--This is not an Earth Strike endorsed message--

I largely endorse the sentiments here:

I am sorely disappointed by the inaction and incompetence of , and can no longer afford to compromise with milquetoast movements.

I am painfully aware of the horrendous flaws in tactics & mentality of .

ENOUGH of this liberal reformism.
ENOUGH of this milquetoast "rebellion."
We're all going to die, literally, from heat stroke. Start acting like it.

Earth Strike is dead. XR is dead. But our solidarity isn't.

Fight like hell. But don't make my mistake, don't tolerate liberal movements, and DO NOT tolerate organizational hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Act locally. Join some friends. Help a collective like the . If there isn't one, start one. If you don't want to start one, fight anyway. If you don't know how to, read. Recipes for Disaster is a good start. It's far from perfect.


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Im not sure why, but they cannot put a negative on Greta at the BBC.

"BBC News - Extinction Rebellion: Climate protesters 'making a difference'"

The twitter card still has the image and title embeded as something to do with police"

People are making a meme out of the bot putting picture of hyde park after the 420 event.

I hope this trend will carry on (sorry for the redshift screenshot)

Text: Absolutely disgusting mess left here by
Image: A welcome to springfield board on an open field dump

There are so many people at marble arch right now.
I'm aching not being there

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RT @ExtinctionRebel Extinction Rebellion Portland blockade of Zenith Energy! They're growing a garden directly on Zenith's train tracks! Zenith brings tar sands oil for export overseas, endangering the community & climate. #ExtinctionRebellion #XRUS How to Support Blockade:


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Brief & useful post by @forestgardenwales on: Dead hedging in the forest garden

A dead hedge, made from posts and scrubby branches, is an ideal temporary windbreak and wildlife habitat.

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