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finally I'm showing my *true face* on here!
...which is an abstract achromatic moirรฉpunk lineart! โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘

Lisa Simpson, dressed as a witch, on a stage in front of a crowd, points to a screen. It reads, "Moths are just spooky butterflys".

My eyes roll back in my skull and my cavernous maw expands, filling the room.

"eฬดอฬ„ฬพอฬ†ฬ“อฬอŠอ„ฬ‡ฬŠฬ•อฬฆอŽxฬตฬƒฬœอœฬ–ฬณฬฌฬชฬกอŽฬ˜tฬดฬŠอ„ฬฟฬ“อ—ฬ‚อ‘ฬฝฬฝฬ‚ฬ’ฬฬ‰อˆอ…rฬทฬ‘ฬพฬฬอ†อฬอ—ออƒอŒฬ‰ฬฐฬฃฬ ฬชฬฅฬกอ™ฬงอ“อ‡aฬถฬƒฬ‚ฬอ‹ฬฟฬฟฬ†ฬŒฬฬŽฬ‰อ‰ฬ– ฬตอฬ„ฬฒฬผฬฅฬฌฬ อšอ‡oฬถฬ›ออ‹ฬƒอ‘ฬอŒฬฬ…อฬอ’ฬ‡อ…ฬนlฬธอ—อฬฬ‘อ˜ฬŽฬฬšฬŠฬฝอŒอƒฬงฬฅอฬฒฬกฬฌอ…อˆอ‡ฬผฬžiฬทฬŒอŒฬƒอŠฬ€ฬ…ฬ›ฬ‘อ›อ†อ›อŒฬ…ฬ ฬณอ…ฬžฬฑอ‰ฬณอ“ฬนฬฏvฬตอ อ„ฬ’ฬ†ฬฬˆฬอŠฬพฬฬ„อ อ‚ฬŸอ–ฬผฬบฬ–ฬณฬนอ‰ฬงฬ—อ™ฬฏฬ ฬฑeฬทฬ‚อ‡ฬฃฬsฬถฬ“ฬฝอ†ฬŽฬ’ฬ†ฬอƒอŒฬƒอ˜ฬฬŸฬ ฬซอŽฬฬฏอ™"โ‚šโ‚—โ‚‘โ‚โ‚›โ‚‘"

Arby's Cashier: Ma'am this is not subway.

drrugzz(+), generative art by me Show more

drrugzz(+), generative art by me Show more

hot (aparently) take: I really don't understand what ppl have against my babe GIMP

Aisle 12, Shelf 6, Object 7F:DE:BD:5F:1E:CB

A black and white photograph of Alan Turing, around twenty years old, looking straight at the camera.

If you look at it long enough, he makes a rude gesture.

@neauoire exactly. sadly, tech companies like doing it the other way around:
โ€” implementing the solution
โ€” creating the problem
โ€” marketing the problem

โ€” Identifying the problem.
โ€” Solving the problem.
โ€” Implementing the solution.

since it was only on the original account here;s a reupload of some art, made sense to put it here i feel


i lost the encryption key for my dreams and now i just see static for six hours every night

@codesections This entire thread now makes me want to confuse the shit out of people when I tell them that I:
- Duck-searched it.
- Quacked it up.
- Ducked it.
- Put some feathers on it.
- Web-foot walked that shit.
- TCPed with DDG on the 443.

Just so they ask for clarification and fall into my trap where I explain how terrible google is and suggest alternatives :)

A cop just sneezed and we made eye contact and i kept walking. No blessings for you, fuckin cop.

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@eel ya gotta spend money to make money baby! ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ

capitalist scum

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