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I think I should migrate my SBC main to another instance because I might not be online when the shutdown happens (if it happens)

@alex turn left and take the Middlesex Tpke across Nutting Lake

it is the year 2137.
exo-archaeologists who study the ruins of old earth have found an ancient GPS sattellite, the calendar of which is about to roll over to zero. all over the galaxy, end-of-the-universe cults spring up and proclaim the end is near

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@soft i'm not a morning person. meaning: i drink exorbitant amounts of coffee but am still tired

@root my fav pattern is the weaving of plain black cloth

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RCMP stopped at the Gidumt'en and Unist'ot'en camps today to investigate a red dress, honouring murdered and missing Indigenous women, that was placed on a non-essential road sign. When I informed a Wet'suwet'en woman that police were out investigating, she said "that's a first."

bringing my yugioh deck to the poker world championships. those fuckers won't know what hit em

when will mastodon add the ability to fav/boost usernames?
shoutouts to thot crime @sophia

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