If I wrote a computer program I would simply not add any bugs.

@Salomao I assert that open source is designed for corporate use, and it's our move away from free software that has caused this.

@Aleums if you're into electronic music I can highly recommend this mix youtube.com/watch?v=ZK3U92URi_
always gets me into a nice state of flow :flow:

Made a little scripting language, then made a music tracker with that language.

@thegibson Join or start a meshnet. Support your local solidarity economy (worker's coops and the like). Work with groups like the Transition Initiative and the Buy Nothing Project to build local circular economies. Volunteer with Food Not Bombs. Switch to FOSS and take extra steps to avoid data harvesting such as using Tor and/or a VPN. Join or start a tenant's union. Join the IWW and unionize your workplace

Ask me if you need help getting started with anything! โœŠ๐Ÿ’•

The Oscillo-Pope hits you with his Sonic Censer, dealing 2d3 reverb damage and making you distorted

"Porn on Tumblr wasnโ€™t treated as disposable, something just to be immediately purged from your browser history, but an aesthetic, artistic component of your page and your life, alongside your complementary colours of sunsets and song lyrics and personal posts. It was out in the open. It allowed you to become a collector of your own desires, displaying them and celebrating them proudly, rather than having them spoon fed by a tube site algorithm. "

dodge rolling at the instant the judge hits the gavel for my sentencing, gaining legal i-frames and avoiding my prison time

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do you know what the PRC calls censorship? harmonization ๅ’Œ่ซง (hรฉxiรฉ)

do you know what the slang term is? river crab ๆฒณ่Ÿน (hรฉxiรจ)

I NEED one of these, they totally exist right?

Borders are not real.

They're nothing more than lines drawn by people. Arbitrary. Imaginary.

Nationalism and patriotism make no sense. This planet belongs to all of us. And us to it.

@emerican 33 seconds in and I'm hitting that subscribe button so hard it punches a hole through my screen

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