Wizard of Wor has always been my favourite Commodore 64 game. it's so stylish and fun and can be played with a friend
shoutouts to the Remember crew for the crack

@lain hey I want to try out pleroma but I'm running into errors (first pic trying to register, second pic trying to load the /web frontend).
this is on linux mint with the newest versions of erlang and elixir.
would be cool if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong^^

this one has been damaged, oh no! but it's fine, it cannot feel pain: since it is made from glass, we don't have to go about anthropomorphising it. its broken appearance even gives it a unique kind of appeal, don't you think?

ah, these ones are quite beautiful as well. they are made from jello, a substance not unlike that slime we all know and love, but more viscous as to keep the shape. these ones are not quite regular though, making them arguably not platonic (maybe that's why I can't find a picture with only one of them in it ^^)

another nice one. this one is larger, almost human-like in it's dimensions. the surface is made from fabric, a material that can get damaged if handled too roughly, but it can also be easily mended again by way of stitching

here is one that exists in physical space. quite pretty don't you think? it's made from some kind of synthetic material, translucent with a light source inside

here is another fine specimen (comupter simulation)
it's actually a platonic solid so don't get any sexual ideas

this is a regular hexahedron with all faces square, also know as a

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me: I would like to opt out of all analytics and advertising cookies


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