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@anarchiv the day may come when we lay down our leaf blowers
but that day is not today

i dont specify what kind of leftist i am cuz ppl treat them like secret cool kids clubs

Gathering notes and resources on low-bandwidth and low-energy websites. Will append to it as I find more information.

Spannende Gedankenspiele in einem Artikel, wo ich bei der รœberschrift auch erst mal โ€žspinnt Ihr jetzt slle?!โ€œ gedacht habe.

โ€”> Abschaffung der Polizei

even if we take "the universe is a computer simulation" as true, that doesn't mean that the computers one universe up run on the same architectural, technical, physical, or even mathematical principles as ours

(this one's not a shitpost unfortunately)
the Federal Republic of Germany is the newest installment from a long line of authoritarianism, fascism, white supremacy, and antisemitism

fun fact: Germany has lots of names throughout the world, like Almanya, Tyskland, etc. but the natives call it Deutschland which roughly translates to "hell on earth, aaaa why does this monster exist"

CW: maximum german 

@rdh @kiki @pfx
adding a CW so i can boost this literal depiction of my worst nightmares

sweet winter child, you have so much yet to learn

learning all those little ways right now in which i've been privileged my whole life by living someplace that's relatively cold most of the time

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food, spoilage 

i see... leaving food unrefridgerated over night is not an option anymore in this current climate


this thread brought to you by me having a relatively clear-ish head for once instead of the usual sad/fear/angst fog brain

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Your enbianness is where you place your most significant non-binary bits.

Big-enbian means they go to the front

Little-enbian means they go in the back

Bi-enbian means they can be in either depending upon the given configuration

Some more complex configurations exist, such as PDP-enbian and middle-enbian, but they are less common.

There is a great deal of debate about the efficiency, accessibility, and general comparative usefulness of any configuration of enbianness, but they are all valid. Feel free to select whichever you like for your own uses.

This high-effort shitpost is brought to you by an enbian

like, i wouldn't wanna feel bad for joking around (well, unless the jokes are like hurtful and stuff)
but i have other interests that deserve some love now

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i guess shitposting is a lot like comfort food.
it's nice to do some of, and can help through some shit times
but i'll try to not let it become such a bad habit that it takes away from other aspects of life

RT @roxiqt
I don't know how to explain this but this cat represents the mood I've been in since March.

@starwall yea... i think making this post used up my maximum allowance of puns for the whole week

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