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you click on a link to something mildly interesting but, oh no, it's another one of those predatory "news" sites. your phone crashes under the onslaught of malicious javascript... the last thing you see before the screen goes black is, "We Value Your Privacy"

Slime was (is) a wonderful kids toy fad. All of those fads I experienced as a child were about buying something, and then you had it, and that meant you were cool, and maybe you could buy more and more and more of the thing... forever...

But slime? It's a craft project kids can do themselves with affordable, everyday ingredients. It's infinitely customizable, it's an intro to chemistry, and there's an entire community around exchanging knowledge and improving your slimes. How cool is that!!

"we noticed you're using an adblocker." very observant of you! i wonder what other information you'd be collecting if not for my adblocker. and no i won't turn it off.

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my name is Joel of London.

Tell me, how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you?

XV Connected to cables for analysis to take place in the underlying mechanisms beneath the exterior.

#theWorkshop #nfsw

Yesterday, I learned there was a plant called Kobold Gay Feather... it’s beautiful and amazing and why isn’t our mascot on here?

been getting a lot of this kind of spam lately, but I'm not even mad because these are works of art

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did anyone else ever get that glitch in Morrowind where, when you jump on the head of an NPC their voicelines rise in pitch?

unsolved problems in computer science:
make a smartphone run a real operating system

This month is the Antifascist Game Jam. If you're interested in making a game, any sort of game, and also punching fascists, then this is the jam for you! :antifa:

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XIII Landing site. Malfunction in the engines upon decent, caused ejection from the module vital. I watched the module fall apart piece by piece, as I pulled my parachute into expansion. Then, my module went out as a massive star would at the end of its life. An explosion.
Terrifying, but beautiful.


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