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Honestly, you don't even know what it was like to be a poc after the election. The day after, I was legit scared to leave the apartment. I was scared to be on campus and know that fuckin any of these people could've been the ones who voted him in. A friend from Taiwan said she got shouted at on the street that now he's in office and she needs to go back to where she came from.

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Things haven't gotten much better. I've heard Nazi chants walk through my apartment complex. In my hometown I saw 2 white men with the red hats at a 1776 themed bar. I'm legit scared of cars or houses that wave the American flag.

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settler shit 

there's apparently a herd of wild bison, the first herd known to have escaped captivity and reestablished itself in the wild, in a federal preserve in OR, but they arent considered "wildlife" under OR law?

and instead of celebrating the return of a key large mammal species that white folks hunted to near-extinction, ppl say "they're wandering onto private property" or "they're dangerous to park visitors" or "who do they belong to?"

they're fucking bison they dont belong to anyone.

Broke: Extinction Rebellion roadblocks

Woke: Hong Kong roadblocks

“The Proud Boys were allowed free rein of downtown + anywhere they tried to go police violently cleared the way. Un-housed bystanders and protesters both got caught up in their tactics." @KELLYWEILL article on recent videos of #Seattle police going viral.

You can buy directly from collectives online and support in Central America! There's a whole load of stuff here - coffee, corn, clothing, boots, stickers, magnets, pencils, jewelry, literature, *ski masks*, etc, etc, etc - and it's all pay-what-you-can within a certain range. If you have to buy gifts, this is a good way to do it!

I have canned 4 pint jars of pickles and 8 half-pint jars of jam this week. I am proud of myself.

I need to do some sewing but I'm so tired. Winter does this to me

Good morning, one and all! United we STAND, divided we FALL! :battery_full: :blobheart: :black_power:

Going to attempt pickled carrots. Never had them before, but nows a good a time as any

bro, how can conservatives be like "The left is full of a bunch of snowflake babies who need safe spaces" and also in the same breath be like "The left is more dangerous than you think"??

just read that 75% of crop biodiversity was lost between 1900-2000 and what the fuck 20th century


ace exclusionists stop sounding exactly like homophobes challenge

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