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In the meantime our own funds have come to an end and we are currently looking for financing and partners to continue the development. Please contact us if you have any ideas that can help us. Preferably in Europe, but I guess any help is welcome 🌻

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Hello friends,

It's been almost a year since we decided to fully dedicate ourselves to the Domingo Club and our mission to promote plant-based food, the practice of , interest in , and making tools for anyone to start fermenting their food at home, teaming up with and .

We are very enthusiastic about this first year. We participated in an acceleration programme to structure our ideas and push us to go further, won prizes and challenges with our designs, organised events around to make people want to taste it (and adopt it!), started selling the Domingo necklace to offer you a poetic entry into the wonderful world of fermentation and mushrooms. We presented our project and its values at several events and conferences. Our fermentation practice has become much more solid and constant.

→ Read our full review

Happy new year,
Maudi and Toni

Unfortunately the event, All Ferments, doesn't have a website but you can get your tickets (only 2€) there > and get a glimpse of the vibe on their Instagram page >

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Hey! Friends around Barcelona, we'll be introducing the Domingo necklace - which grows fungi / tempeh with your body heat - tomorrow evening at a special fermentation event! There will be bread, tempeh, spicy sauce, kimchi, beer, kombucha and music, all produced by small local producers.

We are very excited to present you a project we have been working on for over a year: a poetic invitation to start growing fungi and fermenting your own plant-based protein (aka ) with the heat of your body.

How to use it →
We make it for you →

One of our papers was published in the book Distributed Design: Welcome to the Domingo Club. We talk about our Domingo project, our vision and our values. Have a good read, and tell us what you think.

Long time no see. We definitely have to be more present around here. Let's get back into the good habit 🌻

@domingoclub i love tempeh and i love your work <3

here's a git repo with scad files for lid and mold

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 CEST, we will be presenting our open-source incubator at the FAB16 "fabricating the commons" event!
Join us :-)

Meeting ID: 859 9017 6282, Passcode: 513377
(sorry for the zoom link, we don't decide)

Continuously updating our website, but today with the focus on the homepage! Hoping to bring more clarity to our project :-)

@domingoclub congratulations, that's exiting news. We all benefit from your continued developments.

Good news! We won the Distributed Design Award 2021!

Our project was first selected, among the 12 finalists, in the *Adaptable and open-design* category and now, after a few weeks of suspense, we have just learned that we won the award for excellence! Woop woop!

We'll receive 2000€ to finance the development of the Domingo Club and our incubator. Long live the Domingo Club!

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