Fermenter in progress: cabinet and tempeh making. We are testing the new shape and volume of the fermenter by making tempeh with it, in order to get the best parameters for the fermentation to be always successful. We are very excited about how it is going so far!


Result of the tempeh fermentation test in the latest prototype: 30 hours later the mycelium is absolutely gorgeous!

@domingoclub How airtight are those containers?

I remember reading on your (excellent 😁) website that it's important to not pack things in too tightly so that the mycelium has enough oxygen. But (unless I've got the wrong idea) it looks like the oxygen that's already there is enough and the container doesn't need air holes to let more in?

@alderwick hey! what makes a good tempeh mould is: enough room for the mycelium to grow; good heat dissipation - fermentation produces heat, and the mycelium dies if it gets too hot; air circulation to allow the mycelium to breathe and grow. Tempeh fermentation doesn't succeed in a totally closed environment, tbh I'm not absolutely sure why, but we've tested and failed.

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