I've experimented with letting my posts here and elsewhere 'expire' after a few months, which currently means just deleting them manually. Definitely feels more natural than an arbitrarily indelible, unchanging record of what is actually a bunch of ephemera. Can't think of a parallel natural pattern.

Anyone else do this? What are *your* reasons?

I'm sure I'd know by now if any of you lived near me, but this is happening tomorrow, is open to everyone, and I'm very much looking forward to it:

I'll be sending out the first issue of my email newsletter in the next few days. Maybe it's something you're interested in?


Hi folks!

I'm a writer, teacher, homesteader, anarchist, and front-end web developer in Leelanau County, Michigan, in the so-called United States. Wedded to the land beneath and around me.

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