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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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Not sure if this has already done the rounds but I just saw this nice paper and demo of a #cyberpunk looking bracelet that blasts out ultrasound that will disable Echo, Siri, etc. voice assistant and other spies microphones:

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Did you know that you can use kali linux, with preinstalled software for "evil twin" attack, pushing nazis to log into your network, to then use some preinstalled DNS hijacking tool guiding them to webpages that look like it's the ones they casually login to, but isn't. Then you sniff their passwords and use it to gain access to their social networks.
And then you could become creative.

But unfortunalty that is illegal, and to practice legalism you should only do this for networks you resieved consent for.

If you practice legalism or antifacism will yet remain your choice, but bare always in mind the risk and how to protect yourself from it.

(the secret german state agency "Verfassungsschutz" claims we radicalize people, hmmmm.)

*hust* radicalize

fuuuuck my x200 refuses to start :( sad day

mmmm first cup of coffee since sunday sorry for spaming but I'm feeling super chatty

so they biggest swe nazi org are going to have a big demonstration in my city, what date you might ask? May 1st... Expect resistance mfs

I haven't had much energy to write or interact with people until now but it has been a social releif to see you all here doing your thing. thank you for existing

on the other hand I really really don't want to end up as a junkie because of some stupid accident. especially when one might have a weak spot for intoxicants ^_-

I've never touched opiods but this fucking pain makes me understand why they do exist. and if some magically manifested right now I wouldn't be able to resist. I find it both a curse and a blessing that docs here are very restrictive with prescribing painkillers

on saturday night I got an injury while falling on a chair back first. I've been on sickleave for the whole week pretty much confined to bed. It still hurts like hell but today I can finally walk a little more relaxed. Doctors are funny though. I'm like "this is the worst pain of my life" they ask a couple of questions and take a quick look and send you home with a week's rest and a a box of paracetamol. lol

I've been pwning for 18 hours, 3 minutes, 23 seconds and kicked 4 clients! I've also met 11 new friends and ate 3 handshakes!

I've been pwning for 55 hours, 43 minutes, 37 seconds and kicked 57 clients! I've also met 95 new friends and ate 25 handshakes!

finally got around to reading snowden's book. he is not a very good author imho but as expected very interesting. the big turn on for me is to get a glimpse of life in the ic

finally weekend! was about to go to the other side of town to hang out with a friend but ended up in bed nerding in on Yazidi religion instead

Hmm maybe it's a sunbeam problem I get the same error when I go to notifications -> all in my web browser as well. weird

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