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As much as I'm into Social Ecology and Bookchin's school of thought, I can't help but yawn when I'm reading his denser works. So I thought I'd put together a wee Social Ecology reading list made up of easily-digestible essays not written by Bookchin:

Social Ecology (as a whole) - 'Communalism Pamphlet' by Marcus & Stephanie Armagi

1. Dialectical Naturalism - 'The Trouble With Wilderness' by William Cronon

2. History of Hierarchy - 'Cities Without Centralization' by Greg Bryant

3. Ecological Critique - 'Ambiguities of Animal Rights' by Peter Staudenmaier

4. Libertarian Municipalism - 'The Politics of Social Ecology' by Janet Biehl

5. Utopian Vision - 'To Be Realistic, Demand The Impossible' by Blair Taylor

nutrition, diabetes, anti-fat stuff 

this shit just makes me feel like i'm the new 15 year old diabetic whose mom asked "If [they] lose the weight, will it go away?" again

so much awful bullshit surrounding this stuff. there's so much to sort through.

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food, diets, nutrition, eating disorder adjacent 

i don't want to care about losing weight!!! i don't want to know if obsessing more over my food choices will help me lose weight!!! i just want to keep my sugars from being awful so i can get top surgery!!!!

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food, diets, nutrition, eating disorder adjacent 

i would give so much to be able to read about nutrition and lowering my blood sugars without being exposed to so much triggering weight bullshit but it appears to be literally impossible

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted these on Instagram from her trip to Puerto Rico. It’s tragic that Puerto Rican’s have basically been abandoned by the US government but It sounds like there are so many things going on there, a lot to learn from definitely


we couldn't even get a picture of him because he would not stop leaning in for pets, so here's the best one we got

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today my partner and i came across the most wonderful old chubby droopy dog chillin outside of a food store. i smiled at him on my way out the door and he immediately started to whine like a seal when we didn't stop to pet him.

when we *did* stop to pet him, he slowly wormed his way from his original spot near the door to the middle of the sidewalk, directly between my legs, and leaned in as hard as he could to the pets.

we could see the (presumable) owner looking out the window. at first they looked worried but then they started laughing when they saw we clearly loved having this dog's attention

being emotionally standoffish, relationships, negative but mostly neutral 

something i am beginning to realize i am described as a lot is "standoffish"

reserved, reticent, emotionally unavailable

and the thing is that i admire people who are good at being emotional and expressing their feelings and being close to people so much

but then i can't reciprocate properly bc it doesn't come naturally

i literally dont even know how i feel abt things half the time and its very strange, not something i really know how to work on and something i know hurts ppl i care about

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Please sir could I have some more? Some more executive function? 🥺

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every black, native american and native australian person deserves full reparations for the land and free labour stolen from their ancestors.


i guess i have finally reached the point in my life where drinking coffee too late in the evening will keep me up all night

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meta, green talk, racism 

it's really entertaining to me how white climate activists and progressives in general (esp online) will bemoan how "humans" have destroyed the planet -- while ignoring the fact that colonialism has/is currently wiping out sustainable ways of being that have existed for millennia.
It is the height of hubris and eurocentrism to assign blame to our entire species in all it's diverse facets for the crimes of europe's capitalist regime.

Some of the most sustainable ways of being are exactly the cultures most at risk of climate and industry violence. stop whitewashing humanity.


me: wow, i should really just go to bed
cat: sits somewhat near me and slow blinks in my general direction
me: i must shout my love for you through the internet

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cats really are So Good it is unbelievable

i just feel so privileged when these little beings that have such a different experience of things are like. yes. you. i like you.

in other news, my cat sat somewhat near me on the coach and made a loaf today.

school 🤓 positive 

there's really nothing like being able to close like 10 tabs because you're finally done a massive assignment


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Hackers stole a Microsoft employee's credentials and accessed the body of users' emails, reports @motherboard. This particular attack is impossible with ProtonMail as we can't read user emails. Learn about zero-access encryption:

subtooting - bdsm and hierarchy. sexism, racism, and police mentions 

like, it's absolutely great if you can learn about better ways to engage with inequality and hierarchy through BDSM, but i really don't think everyone who engages with BDSM is learning the same thing.

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subtooting - bdsm and hierarchy. sexism, racism, and police mentions 

there are tons of BDSM practitioners who use it as a way to re-emphasize existing hierarchies.

there are countless dudes who have sexism as part of their play. there are white people who get off on being with a person of color and turn racialization into a fetish. there are kinky people who love playing with the idea of real world positions of power - why do you think the "kinky cop" handcuff fantasy is so popular?

there are about as many ways real-world power dynamics get turned into kinky fetishes as there are power dynamics in the world.

and while yes, in some cases the people involved think through the actual impacts of the hierarchies they are playing with, in many many cases they do not.

i cannot count the number of people i've met from the BDSM community who engaged with real world hierarchies uncritically and brought those biases into their kink life.

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