balcony garden planning!! 

i skipped growing anything last year but this year i'm determined to bring back my balcony garden in full force!!!

its a gross slushy grey day out so this morning i spent some time dreaming about what i am going to grow. i found a sweet website selling seeds from nova scotia called the incredible seed co and i think i have my plans set!!

current plan:
- giant pot 1: sweet peppers + marigolds and basil to hopefully keep off some of the aphids that plagued me last time i grew them

- giant pot 2 (still need to acquire): popcorn!!!! apparently its totally doable to grow four or five stalks of corn in a large container. i literally eat popcorn every day so growing my own is A Dream for me. i think i'll also plant some lettuce in there and maybe oregano or some other fragrant herb for bug prevention purposes.

- smaller containers: hot peppers, garlic chives, and other herbs (going to just buy their little herb collection). probs some more marigolds too.


balcony garden planning!! 

ive only done this one year before and mainly focused on growing peppers - the hot peppers (I grew cayenne that year) turned out great but the sweet peppers didn't turn out so well, probably bc it was really hard to keep the aphids off them.

tho its also possible their roots were getting too much heat, which im hoping to improve by having more ground cover this year and maybe painting the pot a lighter color?

i'm still a super beginner gardener so i'd totally welcome any tips people have for me!! :blobheartcat:

balcony garden planning!! weed (the drug kind) 

i also think i might grow some pot??? i was talking at work about how excited i was about my garden and one of my coworkers started talking about how easy it is to grow. and itd look awful pretty peeking out over the rail of my balcony lmao

balcony garden planning!! #garden #canada 

@cosmic this is one of my favorite garden videos, I watch it every year and learn something new from her. It's old but everything she's doing still applies today, especially for more northerly gardeners. Carol Bowlby is amazing, and the pace of the video is very chill and approachable.

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